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December 9, 2006

From the desk of Glenn Brooke

 I hear stories from Bible teachers every week -- mostly ordinary people without any seminary or formal training -- who use the information we've provided, and ramp up their teaching effectiveness into new, life-changing dimensions!  Their classes and study groups love it, invite others to come, and people are getting excited about the Bible (the coolest, most wonderful book in the world!). The teachers experience greater confidence and freedom in their teaching, and actually have more fun.

So I was intrigued to get an email message from one excited teacher who asks, "You're not going fast enough for me.  I'm ready for more now. Can I get everything at once?"  

Here's my answer: YES!  I've assembled practially everything I've created for Bible teachers into one package -- and added a few new extras.  I call it "The Great Bible Teacher Collection."

"What's in the Great Bible Teacher Collection?" Plenty!

You get to download ALL this immediately:

3 Complete Books:

    Teach the Bible to Change Lives - the premiere guide to effective, life-changing Bible teaching available today.  (Click here for more info)

    52 Model Questions - Bible teachers can adapt these 52 questions for practically any size or type of group or class.  You don't need to buy study guides when you can use these field-tested questions over and over again. This is your go-anywhere toolkit for any passage of Scripture, in any cultural setting.(Click here for more info)

    Thinking Wisely Using Biblical Frameworks - the unique process of determining the principles the Bible (the whole Bible) teaches about ANYTHING.   (Click here for more info)


Here's how to think about these three books.  Teach the Bible to Change Lives  is the foundation.  You learn the basics and get the grounding you need for a life-long, powerful teaching ministry.  52 Model Questions is your key to mastering the one skill every Great Bible Teacher is always sharpening -- how to ask questions and keep discussion going.  And Thinking Wisely Using Biblical Frameworks is like a master's program in advanced Bible study and life-application for real-world problems -- if you've wondered how great teachers put together solid lessons from the whole counsel of Scripture, you'll learn the behind-the-scenes approach in this book.

The three together are precisely what you need!

And then we need to round out your education


59 Special Reports

The topics I cover in these special reports will round out your Great Bible Teacher education.  You'll learn about :

The three best strategies to overcome fear in teaching situations.  Even the best teachers will experience fear, but it won't grip you long when you learn these simple strategies.

How to "hook" your class at the start of a lesson so they're completely engaged and eager to learn.  (And you don't have to tell a crummy joke.)

What Bible study tools are worth your time -- and which ones you can skip.  

Your best option for Bible Commentaries, and how to use commentaries effectively.  Make them your servant, not your master!

Glenn's advice and answers to questions from hundreds of Bible Teachers like you -- no need to make the same mistakes others have already made!

Glenn's exclusive One Year Training Plan to become a Great Bible Teacher

The psychology behind life-changing Listening & Dialogue.  Get a firm grip on these principles, and watch your students learn from the Bible like crazy.

The practical principles for praying continuously.  If you're not praying, then the best you can do is entertain or annoy your classes.  

A detailed  22-day prayer guide for students, based on Psalm 119.  Once you see how this works, you'll never get 'stuck' praying, "Uhm, bless Joe" again.

The best Free online tools for Bible teachers, so you won't have to spend a dime to get access to outstanding tools to accelerate your Bible study and lesson preparation.

…and much more!


Over 120 Teaching Tips and Coaching letters

These cover everything from tips on handouts, engaging students in class, how to ask questions more effectively, how to deal with pride and discouragement, and more.  

This is 117 pages of actionable, no-fluff, real-world, you-can-do-it content!

Everything here is practical and has been tested in the real world -- so you can use what you learn. There are tons of ideas here, and you'll be coming back to these again and again.  


15 audio messages


  • A teleconference with a large group of youth pastors on how to engage youth in Bible lessons
  • Audio answers to different questions I get asked all the time (I bet you ask many of these questions, too.)
  • A seminar talk I gave on Bible study to change lives
  • The hilarious story of how God humbled me as a teenager running the 880 yard run, and what every Bible teacher can learn from this.

…and more

How much content is all this?

At typical reading and listening speeds it takes about 22 hours to get through all this information!  

But that's not all.

Plus you'll get these never-before-available bonuses:

 Five "How-to" videos about using free online tools for Bible teachers.  I've only shared these with a few of my coaching students before now.  Just watch how I do it, and then you'll be able use them immediately -- they're easy once you see how it's done.

My exclusive "Where to Start" guide (this is, after all, an almost overwhelming amount of information.)  This is new, just for this Great Bible Teacher Collection.


This information is GOLD for Bible teachers who want to teach the Bible to change lives, worth every penny.  (See some of the testimonials I've received.)

The price for The Great Bible Teacher Collection is only $97 for immediate download.  

But before you click on the Order link...

There is one more special bonus available:

You'll get a copy of all this information on a complimentary CD
-- and I will cover the shipping and handling charges.

Wouldn't it be great to have all this practical, actionable information conveniently on a CD for yourself?  

Think about how much you're going to enjoy this resource, and how much it will help sharpen your teaching ministry - and imagine how God will use you to save and transform lives!    

We'll cover the shipping and handling charges -- no extra fees!  (You know, often times when you order something on CD they want you to pay another $12-$15 for shipping & handling)  That's not going to happen to you.

"I love it, Glenn!  Tell me how this going to work."

It's easy!  Here's what you can expect:

You place your order through the link below.  I will ask you for your name and email address, and will send you an email message with a link to the online resource - so you can immediately access the whole collection of information electronically.  

Later we'll ask you for your physical mailing address if you would like the complimentary CD. We will send you a complimentary copy of the Great Bible Teacher Collection within two weeks.     

Our 100% No-Risk, Money-Back Guarantee:
Try "The Great Bible Teacher Collection" at no risk to you for 8 weeks. If you're not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money.

Click Here to Order Now

You'll be delighted with The Great Bible Teacher Collection.  It has everything you need to teach powerful, life-changing lessons and studies -- no matter whom or how many you're teaching.. There is information here to help any teacher, no matter how experienced they are.  (Actually, the best teachers are always working to sharpen their skills, right?)  

Teach to change lives,

Glenn Brooke

P.S.  This is practically everything I've ever created to help people teach the Bible to change lives.  It's really a complete curriculum for developing YOU as the tool God will use to teach the Bible to change lives.   

Just click on this order link and you are moments away from the start of your
Great Bible Teacher education.  

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